Delegate to an existing node
Hosted staking allows IDEX node operators to open their nodes to other IDEX holders. In return, hosted node operators receive a portion of the staking earnings from any additional IDEX tokens delegated to their node.
For IDEX holders:
  • Participate in IDEX staking without operating a node
  • No minimum IDEX required to participate in staking
Hosted staking is a free market, as node operators are able to set the fees on their nodes as they wish. Node operators are capped at a fee of 10%. If a node operator changes their fee the change will not go into effect until the next staking period. Users delegating their stake are responsible for choosing a hosted node based on their fee rate and uptime stats.

Step 1

Ensure you have IDEX tokens in your own wallet. It is not possible to delegate your IDEX if they are on an exchange. The IDEX tokens can be on ethereum or polygon. They can also be deposited onto IDEX or held in your wallet.

Step 2

Connect your wallet holding the IDEX tokens to IDEX through one of the supported wallet options.

Step 3

Hover on “Rewards” on the top right corner then select “Staking” from the dropdown menu.

Step 4

Navigate to the delegate tab and click on the delegate tab under Hosts to delegate staking to a node.

Step 5

Congrats! You are now delegating and earning staking rewards!