IDEX Connect

IDEX Connect allows users to easily connect to IDEX on their mobile devices using Delegated Keys. This is achieved by scanning an IDEX Connect QR code during the “Connect Wallet’ flow on mobile. Once connected via IDEX Connect, mobile users are able to place and cancel orders in real time without exposing their private keys to their mobile device. IDEX Connect enables users to trade on the go without sacrificing the security of their funds.

How to connect using IDEX Connect

  1. Upon connecting a custody wallet to IDEX, users are presented with a modal informing them of IDEX Connect. This modal includes the option to create a QR code.

  2. The user clicks “Generate QR Code” and signs the transaction on their custody wallet.

  3. The modal updates to show an IDEX Connect QR code.

  4. The user navigates to IDEX on their mobile device, selects “Connect Wallet” and then selects “IDEX Connect”

  5. Once the user selects “IDEX Connect” their phone will activate their camera and they must scan the QR code on their computer.

  6. Upon scanning the code, the user will be connected on their mobile device and the QR code will disappear, indicating that it has been used.


Building off of Delegated Keys, IDEX Connect inherits many of the same characteristics, including permissions. IDEX Connect only includes the capability to place and cancel orders. Deposits and withdrawals require a custody wallet signature.


In addition to permissions, IDEX Connect Delegated Keys expire 30 days after creation. Users connecting through IDEX Connect will be logged out after 30 days and must connect using a new QR code to resume using IDEX Connect.


IDEX includes a robust mechanism for invalidating DKs, including IDEX Connect DKs. As noted in Contracts, invalidating a custody wallet’s nonce also precludes any further order authorizations from existing DKs. The off-chain components automatically cancel all open orders and revoke all associated DKs on receiving a nonce invalidation event.

  1. Invalidation requests are authorized by custody wallet signature only and may be made for any active or expired associated DK.

  2. The server validates the invalidation requests and cancels all open orders authorized by the target DKs.

  3. The server updates the DK database row as revoked but does not clear the authorization signature. The authorization signature may be necessary for rebroadcasts and other operational concerns, and is ultimately public, as it is included in any prior settlement transactions for the DK.

Importantly, an order authorized by an expired but not invalidated DK is valid.


  • An IDEX Connect QR code may only be used once per device. If the user disconnects their wallet, they must generate a new QR code and connect via IDEX connect again.

  • Deposits and withdrawals are intentionally not supported by IDEX Connect using Delegated Keys. This is a security feature, ensuring that funds may only move in and out of the account using the custody wallet.

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