User Benefits

The unique design of IDEX brings a whole host of benefits to all ecosystem participants.

Instant Trade Execution

Instant execution means that IDEX balances update immediately. This enables active users to continue trading without waiting for previous trades to settle.

Advanced Order Types

Users are not limited to market orders, opening up more advanced trading strategies. Users trade with order types such as stop-loss, post-only, and fill-or-kill.

Performant API

In addition to advanced orders, IDEX features a top tier API that conforms with the best centralized exchanges. Quickly port your existing strategies to IDEX.

Gas-free order placement and cancel

With IDEX’s off-chain orderbook, there are no gas fees for placing and canceling limit orders. Market makers can constantly update orders as markets move without incurring additional costs.

Delegated Keys: Delegated Keys allow you to trade in real time without having to approve each transaction on your hardware or software wallet.

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