XCHAIN - Arbitrum Orbit L2

An IDEX specific settlement network

IDEX is operates on XCHAIN, an Arbitrum Orbit layer 2, which settles directly into Ethereum mainnet. XCHAIN is specific to IDEX, ensuring that IDEX is able to operate at maximum capacity without running congestion or volatile gas prices.

The IDEX design is great for traders but is not ideal for a shared blockchain space. Traditionally blockchains are limited by the number of transactions that can be included per block. Competing for blockspace on an open network has lead to problems getting transactions mined in a timely mannor and has also resulted in extremely high settlement costs. XCHAIN solve both of these problems as Orbits ensures there is no issue with having a spike in transactions that need to be included in a block. And the layer 2 aspect of XCHAIN ensures that Etherum mainnet gas costs are kept to a minimal, resulting in cheap gas costs to include transactions on the network.

Learn more about Arbitrum Orbit here.

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