About IDEX Layer 3

IDEX Layer 3 is a decentralized perpetual futures swap exchange that utilizes a hybrid on-chain/off-chain infrastructure to provide industry-leading innovation in derivatives trading. The off-chain component is the high performance trading engine, enabling IDEX to match the performance and user experience of centralized exchanges. On-chain, traders have the security of self-custody and verifiable transaction data.
IDEX will provide you with:
  • Unrivaled Performance: The high-performance trading engine offers extremely low latency and instant, guaranteed execution. Alongside our instant trading feature, the experience is indistinguishable from (and we think better than) CEX trading, let alone using a DEX.
  • Self-custody and Transparency: IDEX’s onchain roots give you full control over your funds at all times. No hidden counterparty risk. Your keys, your coins.
  • API Integrations: IDEX conforms to emerging standards so it’s dead simple to implement existing strategies. Delegated keys allow connections to trading terminals without exposing custody keys.
  • Ultra-low Fees: Maker rebates, deep order book liquidity, and a fee model that rewards $IDEX stakers. It won’t feel like you’re trading on-chain.
Find more information on the IDEX Layer 3 and its state of development at the following link.